Shaker Touch at Crossfit VLC in Valencia

Since February Shaker Technology has been collaborating with Crossfit VLC on their pilot project in Spain: installation of an exclusive vending machine for protein shakes. The distinguishing feature of the machine is the protein mixing technique: it makes fresh shakes for the client in 30 seconds.

In recent years, vending machines for protein products have been gaining strength internationally. It’s getting more and more common to sell shakes, energy bars, isotonic drinks or probiotics. Shaker is heading in this direction by bringing the first protein machine under its brand to Valencia.

And the key feature that sets it apart from the rest of the market is the ability to blend the protein to get a fresh and nutritious shake. All these products are stored in separate containers and interact only at the time of preparation. As the Shaker Team explains, they have improved the preparation algorithm to leave the mixers always clean.

In this sense, Shaker machine proposes an in-house elaboration of all the components by a team of engineers and computer scientists, which is an advantage for the customer and the distributor, since it means they can be in contact with the manufacturers.

Shaker Touch at Crossfit VLC in Valencia

The machine, which was already presented exclusively in Europe during the largest international sport exhibition FIBO in Germany, captured the visitors’ interest. From the technological point of view, one of the most important aspects of the machines is in the payment methods:it offers banknotes, coins, cards, Android Pay, Apple Pay or the gym bracelets.

As of today, the company has three models on the market: Shaker Touch (32-inch interactive touch screen, 8 containers for dry products under a more striking design); Shaker M (24-inch screen, 16 touch buttons, 8 containers for dry products) and Shaker S (the cheapest and most compact version with 4 containers of dry products and 8 touch buttons). All of them share are able to mix any brand of protein, while the amount of protein and water is adjusted manually.

Shaker company, that was created in Russia five years ago, has been gaining ground on the market and has representation in Germany and England. In the case of Spain, still an incipient market, which allows companies specialized in this segment to have a broader field on which to operate, as well as an opportunity for both sports center owners and vending professionals.


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